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1.we are factory,OEM price.
2.Huge building and Capacious work place.
3.many experience on this area.strong design team.
4.Delivery on time,Convenient traffic and fast EXPRESS.
5.Enthusiastic after-sales-service.
6,Factory more than 7000 square meter Prosub Industrial Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, founded in 2012 ,the company has many years of experience in the relevant field and thermal imaging products of digital accessories. The company is headquartered in Huangjiang of Dongguan City, Covering an area of 6500 square meters modern standard factory company has perfect production equipment and production processes and scientific quality management systems and professional and technical staff.
Our Company focused on the development and marketing of heat transfer digital products, the main products include heat transfer digital, heat transfer imaging supplies, coating technology and heat transfer equipment and other related products. The company develops and sells heat transfer digital accessories products, full range, fashionable and well received by customers. it with Taobao shop and Tmall has established a good partnership,it has excellent service and received a positive compliment from many cooperative partners.
Company vision (vision, mission, core values)
Corporate vision: to create real and lasting value for customers, to create opportunities for staff development, and to create long-term value for our investors, to use technology and innovation to make people have a better lives.
Mission:to focus on heat transfer industry,persistently providing customers with competitive products and services.
Core values: the company's core values are rooted in our deepest core beliefs, is the inner motivation of zuolang, it also is our shared commitment for the future. It ensures that we are in lockstep to provide effective services to achieve our vision
achievement of customers
Customer service is the only reason for the existence of Zuolang, customer's demand is our motivity. We adhere to customer-centric, rapid response to customer's demand, continuing to create long-term value for our customers and thus customer success. Continue to provide customers with quality products and services is the direction and evaluation scale of our company , achievement of customers is the achievement of ourselves.
Hard work
In today's highly competitive business environment, Zuolang without any resources to rely on, we will constant hard work to win the trust of customers.
Self-criticism is intended to continue to progress, continuous improvement, rather than self-denial. Only by adhering to self-criticism, to listen, discard and continued beyond, in order to more easily collaborate with others and respect for others, to achieve customer, company, team and individual common development
Open and ahead
In order to satisfy customer's needs preferably , we will be proactive, courage, insist on openness and innovation. Any advanced technology, products, solutions and business management, only translated into commercial success that can achieve produce value. We adhere to customer demand-oriented and focus on customer's needs continuous innovation.
Sincerity and trustworthiness
We are sincerity and trustworthiness and we constant insist it to achieve our promises. Integrity is our most important intangible asset, Zuolang adhere to the faith to win customers.
When we are success we will celebrated toast, when we are failure we will desperate rescue. Only a team has high efficiency, clear division of labor, unity and hard work, can overcome various difficulties, continue to move forward. Meanwhile, the teamwork also is an important element to brake sectoral interests and achieve the company's flat.